Testimonial Interview!

Accessible Written Testimonial:

Kenya Crawford (She/They)


Why did you choose to work with Alishia McCullough?

I had previously attended a training by Alishia on Fatphobia in the Black community and I loved the way she facilitated the topic. Alishia's demeanor and energy creates a space of safety while also emphatically challenging you to push your clinical thought deeper. I knew that I'd not only feel safe in expressing what it was that I did not know while also gaining the tools and skills to better support my clients in healing from fatphobia. 

What were your challenges before booking a consultation, coaching, supervision session with Alishia McCullough?

I was challenged with taking my clinical practice beyond acknowledging the impacts of fatphobia and working towards healing fatphobia. 

What did you find most useful or impactful about your experience?

I really enjoyed the follow-up emails with resources and readings to continue my learning in the space. 

What noticeable results did you experience?

I personally felt more confident in supporting my client in somatically processing their shame around their body. 

Were there any unexpected results or realizations that positively impacted your journey?I really appreciated being in community with you Alishia. Your kindness hit me at a time when I deeply needed it. Connecting with other therapists has been so crucial to my well-being in the field and its healing to know there are other clinicians seeking to dismantle oppressive systems in similar ways that I am. 

Would you recommend Alishia McCullough to a colleague or friend? If so, explain why.


Many of us have been taught about fatphobia in a very surface way in our graduate programs. Whereas, working with Alishia provides you with the concrete tools and interventions to support the healing of your clients.

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