What is Reimagining Eating Disorders 101?

Reimagining Eating Disorders 101 is a comprehensive self-paced online course for healthcare providers, mental health and eating disorder advocates/activist, and anyone seeking to learn more about eating disorders from a holistic lens. Most eating disorders education is taught through a westernized medicalized lens. This course is different because it offers a holistic reorientation to conceptualizing eating disorders, and integrates anti-oppressive, trauma-informed, decolonial, and embodied based approaches to understanding and healing eating disorders. This course is accessible to novice and advanced learners! Alishia brings in her expertise from social justice activism, somatic therapy, cultural and ancestral based wisdom to address personal and cultural factors that contribute to imbalance within the body. She centers her professional work within the field of mental health therapy and eating disorders and also amplifies the lived experiences of her clients, colleagues, and comrades within the professional sphere.

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How Do I Know It Is For Me?

This course is for you if you have been seeking to learn about eating disorders outside of the western medicalized model. This course is for you if you are seeking to transform your work from an embodied approach and you are finding that eating disorder recovery as it currently exist is not creating the substantial transformation for you and/or the folks you are working with. Learners will be encouraged to adopt a granular scope to their work and gain tools to support the advancement of eating disorder recovery.

Participant backgrounds: Mental Health Therapists, Dietician, Nurse Practitioner, Activist, Advocates/Influencers, Researcher, Professor, Entrepreneurs who specialize in eating disorders, Nutritionist, MD

Extending a Warm Welcome!

Hi, I am Alishia

Somatic Healer, Author, and Culture Shifter.

"Knowledge without practice makes but half an artist."

(Sierra Leonean Proverb) 

Alishia McCullough (Pronouns: she/her) is a millennial Licensed Clinical Mental Health Therapist and Owner of Black and Embodied Counseling and Consulting PLLC.

As a practitioner I specialize in somatic therapy, trauma healing, and eating disorder treatment with a focus on cultivating embodiment and fostering anti-oppression. Alishia is the author of Reclaiming The Black Body (2024). I have experience in mental health therapy, coaching, business consultation, writing, and a variety of healing modalities.

I center the intersectional narratives of Black, Brown, Indigenous, Asian, dual-heritage, and individuals indigenous to the global south, and/or those who have been racialized as 'ethnic minorities' experiencing mental and emotional distress. I also specializes in working with folks living with eating disorders and upholds the values of body justice and fat liberation within Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Color (QTBIPOC).The intention within my professional work is to join with you in your journey towards healing and self-reclamation. My passion areas include Anti-Oppression, Racial Healing, Somatic Abolition, and Decolonization, and I have been recognized as a major contributor to the field of Black Mental Health in publications such as Bustle. I am also the co-founder of the Amplify Melanated Voices Movement, which has been featured in magazines, blogs, and gained international following and engagement. My work has been featured by Target, Times OC, Bustle, Popsugar, BlackGirlNerds and Forbes. You can find more of my living and work on Instagram: @blackandembodied, for questions, collaborations, and partnerships reach out to me via my website blackandembodied.com

The Collective Why

Mainstream eating disorder education is oriented through a medicalized and western cultural lens. Education about eating disorders has been solely regulated through predominately white academic institutions and organizations. These academic institutions and organizations knowingly or unknowingly replicate systems of domination such as patriarchy, white supremacy, educational hierarchies/classism within their research, conceptualization, teaching and treatment of eating disorders.

Most of the trainers, teachers, and facilitators within the eating disorder field are white. These training programs often use outdated language, do not address privilege, and often pathologize the food and body relationship.

The research, understanding, teaching, and treatment of eating disorders has been normed and standardized on white bodies, and the field is years behind in addressing eating disorders in Black, Brown Indigenous, and People of Color (BBIPOC) communities.

Predominately white institutions and organizations often tokenize BBIPOC and other marginalized communities, to offer a "diverse" perspective while rarely investing in the systemic and institutional change required to address the experiences of BBIPOC.

Collectively, BBIPOC and white folks committed to liberation leave many of these trainings feeling unfulfilled and disconnected as we contend with the gap between our educational awareness and the lived experiences of the myriad of people we have the privilege of working with and alongside.

These experiences of unfulfillment and disconnection contribute to:

1) Underdevelopment of eating disorder education.

2) Low confidence and competence when working with eating disorders in BBIPOC communities, and any community that falls outside of the standardized norm of "white".

3) Increased eating disorder relapse due to clients/patients/people not getting the adequate support that they need.

4)Financial strain of investing in certifications that do not get to the root and origins of eating disorders.

5) Competent and creative BBIPOC providers leaving the eating disorders field due to burn out, and their and orientation to the work does not match up to the predominate white narrative.

6) Uncertainty with how to create a thriving and affirming eating disorder specialty business.

7) Treating training and education like a checklist to meet Continuing Education Credits (CEU) and other professional standards vs. an opportunity to expand knowledge holistically.

Reimagining Eating Disorders 101 is about offering a holistic orientation that integrates western, indigenous, embodied, community based education and wisdom. Eating Disorders are conceptualized from the personal, collective, historical, ancestral, psychobiosocial-spiritual lens to offer a comprehensive approach to this work and emergence.

Course Curriculum

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Kenya Crawford (she/they)

"I had previously attended a training by Alishia on Fatphobia in the Black community and I loved the way she facilitated the topic. Alishia's demeanor and energy creates a space of safety while also emphatically challenging you to push your clinical thought deeper. I knew that I'd not only feel safe in expressing what it was that I did not know while also gaining the tools and skills to better support my clients in healing from fatphobia. I personally felt more confident in supporting my client in somatically processing their shame around their body. "

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long will I have access to this course?

As long as this platform teachable exist with my paid account, you will have lifetime access to the material.

Is this course refundable?

No, all sales are final, there will be no refunds, returns nor exchanges on purchases.

What are the technology requirements for this course?

All of the training videos are hosted on zoom.

Are there any prerequisites to this course?

This course is friendly to beginner's and those who are advanced, the only prerequisite is an open mind :)

Will I get a credit or some type of proof for completing this course?

You will receive a certificate of completion. I do not offer CEU's or course credits.

What if I want to withdraw from the course?

You may decide not to engage with the material at any time; however you still need to maintain financial compliance until you have fully paid for the course.

What if English is not my first language?

The course is offered 100% in English. However, due to the digital nature of this training, you can take your time with the learning material and make use of tools such as google translate and Grammarly to help assist you. I would love to get this course translated.

What student and course support will I receive?

Students can reach out to Alishia McCullough directly through the student portal for any questions or concerns. For teachable specific support please review https://support.teachable.com/hc/en-us

Is this course interactive?

This course is pre-recorded, however there are options to journal, meditate, and self-reflect.

Is this course only for providers in the eating disorder field?

No, this course is also for activist and advocates who would like to explore a holistic approach to understanding and working with eating disorders.

Is there any "live" instruction?

No, all sessions are pre-recorded and self-paced.

Are there in person trainings?

Very limited availability, email: [email protected] and visit my website: blackandembodied.com for current offerings.

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